Exhibitions Pages

Exhibitions Pages

Authentic copy | Solo exhibition

Authentic copy Hankin, Holon municipal gallery January 2018

Obscurity of Oblivion | Solo Exhibition

Obscurity of Oblivion, ARTIST HOUSE TLV, 2017

Insights | Solo Exhibition

Insights, Jerusalem theater gallery, 2014

In Between | Solo​ Exhibition

In Between, Tel Aviv opera house, 2015

Works | Solo Exhibition

Works, Bet Gabriel, Emek HaYarden, 2013


N.D Gallery opening, 2019

Face it, ZeZeZe Gallery

ZeZeZe Gallery, 2019


Haifa Artists House, 2018

Summer Salon

Summer Salon , Petah Tikva municipal Gallery, 2018

Eye to Zion

Eye to Zion, 2018, Ein Hod (artists vilage gallery)

At direct sight

At direct sight, Yahalom theater, Ramt Gan, 2017

Members 2015 - 2017

Members 2015 - 2017, Haifa Artists House, 2017

Dali's mustache is orange

Dali's mustache is orange, Haifa Artists House, 2017

International Artists, Gateway Art Center NYC

International Artists, Gateway Art Center NYC, New York, 2016

In other eyes, Wolfson Museum

In other eyes, Wolfson Museum, Jerusalem 2016 - 2017

ArtWorks ||

ArtWorks || , Art Fair, Frankfurt, 2015, Germany

Les quatre coins du monde festival

"Les quatre coins du monde festival", Wolfson Museum, 2015, Jerusalem


ArtWorks , Munich ,Germany, 2014, (Art fair)

My favorite work

My favorite work, Petah Tikva Culture Hall


Inspired, Petah Tikva municipal Gallery

Iron Dome & tear

Iron Dome & tear, Tel Aviv

Up, Up

Up, Up, Givataim municipal gallery


Artists, 2013, Petah Tikva City Gallery

Homme/Femme: l''Illusion de la réalité

Homme/Femme: l''Illusion de la réalité, Galerie Claire Corcia, Paris

Winter Salon

Winter Salon, Raanana City Gallery