My sculpture is a deep encounter with the iron that connects its changing form under my hand with an expressive expression of my inner world.

Thus, there are days when I come to the studio and start working on a sculpture as if I am possessed – I start bending the iron, cutting it, heating it, shaping it. Other days, I just sit and look at the sculpture, sometimes for hours, having a dialogue, arguing with it and its shape inside my head. 

My sculptures express motion, they are motion, they speak of motion. The motion is not pre-planned, it is formed, it changes and becomes stable within the process of working with the iron.

 My art aspires to connect to emotion, thought, the basic, fundamental, raw being found in each of us, as a distilled existential essence. My inspiration is found in those around me, those living by my side and those living within me. From the things I see, things that happen, from inside me, from my fears, from the longing, from the memory, from the trikery of oblivion.